At Northwest Industrial Repair your machine is in competent hands from the receiving dock through the evaluation and repair process to final shipment

Equipment Repairs at Northwest industrial Repair Inc. are the core to our business.

Great communication, and honesty through the repair process with the customer is what makes our repair shop successful.

We utilize our in house machine shop for obsolete parts, or maybe an item has too long of a lead time from factory.

Here is what you can expect:

  • We can supply Base Repair Quotes prior to receiving the equipment, so there is no surprise when a firm quote is received
  • Pictures of the Tear Down are taken on all repair jobs, Quotes are provided with a detailed description of repairs and pictures of any damage noted.
  • After the approval for the repair, all parts not in stock are ordered and out services “if needed” are scheduled. A lead time on the repair will be given once we receive confirmation on the parts and out services. Our standard turn around on repairs is 2-3 weeks after the approval is given. If you need it sooner don’t hesitate to ask. Our main focus is keeping your facility up and running.
  • All equipment is inspected and repaired per factory specifications.
  • All Vacuum Pumps repaired include a copy of the Test Data Acquistion we utilize. This shows the pumps down curve in a 60min run time.
  • All Vacuum Pumps are Heluim Leak Checked prior to shipment. This is to ensure there are no leaks present on the vacuum pump itself.
  • After a unit has finished test, We measure all internal clearances once more.
  • Request a quote!
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