Northwest Industrial Repair offers a laser alignment service using ROTALIGN. By using a laser alignment tool problem analysis is simplified and alignment is done in a fraction of the time that it would take using older methods. Our experienced technicians have aligned machinery ranging from 10HP to 500HP motors and pump combinations.

Laser Optics has the highest accuracy available. ROTALIGN has an actual resolution of 1/1000mm- better than any other available system. Laser optics also gives the user several other distinct advantages.

Custom-made brackets are no longer required for each individual machine/coupling arrangement. Instead, since no mechanical linkage across the coupling is involved, just a few universal brackets can be used to mount quickly on nearly every machine. Measurements must no longer be read and written down, and correction values for the machine feet appear automatically in the display.


  • Reduces bearing vibration, stress and extends bearing life.
  • Reduces motor amps and can result in significant electricity savings.
  • Minimizes coupling wear.
Laser Alignment - NW Industrial Repair